The Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test

Learn what foods are best for you and what foods you should avoid based on metabolic typing.

Do you wonder why some people thrive on a vegetarian diet and others thrive on a more carnivore diet? Or why your best friend craves a green salad and you dream about steak? Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. (1947-2015) understood that people feel best when they consume the right foods for their bodies and feel less well when they eat the wrong foods.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez treated thousands of patients from around the world with his individualized nutritional enzyme protocol based on the dietary concept that different people need different types of diets. His nutritional approach and metabolic typing is grounded in the scientific work of Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Francis Pottenger and Dr. William Donald Kelley.

One of the pillars of The Gonzalez Protocol® is determining your metabolic diet type (the others include individual supplementation and detoxification).

"As long as we put the right fuel into our bodies by eating the right food for our metabolic type, the autonomic system will be in balance, both branches and the associated organs and glands will function efficiently, the body will work beautifully, and our health will be ideal. However, with the wrong fuel, the autonomic system will go out of balance, it will function less efficiently, the organs and glands will not work well together and disease follows." - Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D.

You Can Take the Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test for just $100

Gonzalez's metabolic typing self-test shows which of his seven basic metabolic diets is healthiest for your metabolic type. Upon completing this 96 multiple-choice test online you will see a link to your results and receive an email revealing your Gonzalez Metabolic Type with a beautiful 18-page, illustrated nutritional plan and shopping list. This plan details exactly which foods are best for your metabolic type, how to prepare them and which foods to avoid.

Metabolic Typing: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's metabolic diets range from Extreme Vegetarian (sympathetic dominant) to Balanced to Extreme Carnivore (parasympathetic dominant) - all with different combinations of fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins. Answer the questions based on your current state of mind and body. The multiple-choice questions relate to your personality, food cravings, sleep habits and medical diagnoses and do not require bloodwork.

Read the Instructions. This multiple-choice test provides a nutritional plan recommendation not a supplement or detoxification plan. A Gonzalez Protocol with customized diet, supplement and detoxification protocols can only be designed by a Gonzalez Certified Doctor. Those with serious diseases should always follow their doctor's dietary advice. You will be receiving one of seven different Gonzalez metabolic diets and there are limitations to how customized they can be. So if, for example, you have a gluten intolerance or a food allergy, you should avoid these foods even if they are listed on your metabolic diet.

While Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez utilized special diets for treating cancer, these Gonzalez metabolic diets are NOT cancer treatments. This Gonzalez Metabolic Type Test combines specific questions utilized by Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Kelley in their clinical assessment. It was created in collaboration with Kettle Moraine LTD. and the College Health Store who manage Dr. Kelley's procedures for Metabolic Self-Testing. Together, we seek to help people around the world learn the best diet for their metabolic type and achieve optimum health.

Look inside samples of the seven Gonzalez Metabolic Diets.

What to eat. What to avoid.

Plus a shopping list.

Here is a sample Table of Contents:

Extreme Vegetarian Diet Cover
Moderate Vegetarian VEGETABLES
Balanced Diet Cover
Moderate Vegetarian FRUITS
Extreme Carnivore Diet Cover
Moderate Carnivore PROTEIN


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This self-test is NOT a medical diagnostic tool and is never a replacement for any dietary direction indicated by your physician. Users must be cautioned against following any dietary advice for any disease without medical consultation. This test is published for informational and educational purposes ONLY. Any errors in tabulation are unintentional. All results are subject to user subjectivity and your potentially inaccurate responses.

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